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This section contains videos that range from tutorials including what is How to use How to make a deposit at How to withdraw at How to change the setting at How to check your account history at Why is special?

There are also videos that are for information and entertainment purposes in the form of top ten lists and countdowns. Things such as Top 7 Racehorses of history, top 10 jockeys worldwide in 2021, top 10 horse racing festivals worldwide, top 10 racehorse trainers worldwide.

These videos are free with the tutorial videos being simple video forms of basic functions of to assist any old or new clients that need visual aid in using the site. These videos are straightforward and free for anyone who visits the sites regardless of having an account.

The countdowns and lists are compiled by racing experts and are there to inform and entertain about the industry. They are independently compiled and researched with a focus on relevance. They are of course opinion-based but provide insight into the current state of racing and are a periodically released form of infotainment for interested visitors to the site. Video content while not the main focus of is an important part of delivering news and information to subscribers and visitors for free. They supplement the existing content and are also found on our YouTube and other social media channels.

All content on is free of charge and covers various topics where an audiovisual format is more effective to deliver information and entertainment. Videos on this site are always relevant to horse racing, sports, or the greater website in general. Videos provided by MBet are intended to grow community knowledge and engagement while never intentionally making copyright violations.

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